nu in de galerie


24 NOV — 31 DEC

RAVAGE consists of Clemens Rameckers (1949) and Arnold van Geuns (1949). After graduating in 1972 from the fashion department of the Academy of Arts in Arnhem, RAVAGE (a combination of their surnames) ran the first Dutch Fashion Gallery in Arnhem for several years before leaving for Paris. The dynamism in Paris inspired the fledgling RAVAGE and allowed them to develop their own signature and method. Over the course of their career they have carved a unique niche in the world of international fashion, design and fine art.

Drawing and an unstoppable urge to create a sketchy overall concept are central to the work of RAVAGE. Sometimes it is fashion, sometimes a table, ceramics, wallpaper, shawls, comics, or hotels, rendered either as drawings or paintings. ‘For us, it’s not about the outcome, but the process. Once you know, there’s nothing more to it!’