Mark Cohen

As I can’t draw worth a damn, I’m eternally grateful to Louis Daguerre, Matthew Brady, George Eastman and all of the rest of the creative geniuses who dreamed up photography, and those who continue to contribute to its evolution and transformation. 

I first  became conscious of the impact of photography after my parents took me to see the Museum of Modern Art’s timeless  “Family of Man”  exhibit at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.   I was then – and remain – completely astounded by the technology that allow’s the capture and reproduction of a fleeting “snapshot” of real life on a piece of paper or in an electronic file.  Simply amazing when you think about it.  Discrete images exist all around us, but they are ephemeral and only rarely worth a second look.  However, when one captures my eye and imagination, I use my camera to pry it out of the background and polish it up to look at again.   

With respect to the creative dimension of photography, this issue has been addressed more eloquently and with greater precision by many, many other people.  From my perspective, I believe that an image – any image –  either speaks to you to some extent or it doesn’t.  These voices can often verge on being almost inaudible to some.  For these, you may have to listen a bit harder to get the message clearly.  Conversely, the language of other images can be loud and in-your-face. and may resonate for some time.  With this understanding, I sincerely hope that you take a moment to develop a dialogue with  some of mine.  

As for what drives my inner “creative process” and selection of subjects, to paraphrase the legendary Ansel Adams, it consists primarily of knowing when and where to stand.   I don’t intend to be overly-simplistic about this, but, like everyone who has stopped at least once and admired a sunset, flower, or anything else…and taken a picture, we all share essentially the same motivation.  I have just taken the time to learn techniques to adapt these images to suit my aesthetic preferences.    

Although the images reflect just a passing moment in time, I hope that you stick around long enough to enjoy them at your leisure.  If you are looking for a particular type of image or theme, let me know.  I have an extensive catalog of images covering a wide-array of themes.  Please contact me and let me know what you are interested in.